About Sara

This is the official Website of Miss. Sara Magdy Ali.
IGCSE & IAL Edexcel Mathematics teacher and Further Mathematics AS/AL  teacher for Edexcel.

Before becoming a teacher or an engineer, I was an IGCSE student, so I’ve been through all of the ups and downs any IGian has to go through. I’m thankful for that, even now, because this has helped me develop teaching strategies that guarantee my students won’t have to feel stressed all the time with a load that is far beyond their abilities. I was also very lucky to have teachers whom I was privileged to learn from and work with, Mr. Atef Saleh (Accounting), Mrs. Iman Hosny (English), and Mr. Khaled Rateb (Maths); their guidance was crucial in the beginning of my teaching journey. To me, teaching is an opportunity I take every single day to give and receive: give students the knowledge maths has to offer, and receive their love and the unrivaled feeling of enlightening someone.


*Miss Sara Magdy is a graduate of Systems and Biomedical Engineering department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt.

*She started to work in the teaching field as a teacher assistant in both Accounting and English during the years 2005 and 2006.

* Her journey with Mathematics started off first in 2007 where she worked as a teacher assistant for all levels of Mathematics Edexcel until 2015.

* During this period she began to teach all the levels of Cambridge’s examination board alone in 2009 as well as Further Mathematics in 2014.

* Starting from November 2015 and until now, Miss Sara Magdy teaches O level and A level Mathematics for both examination boards, Cambridge and Edexcel, in addition to Edexcel Further Mathematics A level, independently. This journey, which extended for over than a decade, includes ten schools and private centres.

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